Piercing on the Honey Beauty Salon likely refers to the art of body piercing, where a needle is used to create a hole in the skin for the insertion of jewelry. It’s a form of body modification often done on earlobes, nostrils, eyebrows, lips, tongues, navels, or other body parts. The salon may offer professional piercing services, ensuring hygiene, safety, and expertise in the procedure. Customers can expect skilled technicians, a range of jewelry options, and aftercare advice to maintain piercing health.

Lobe 11-From 12 years only-1 ear only$40
Labe 12-From 12 years only-1 each ear$55
Helix x1$50
Helix x2$80
Helix x3$100
Forward Helix$50
Triple Forward Helix$120
Verticle Labret$55
Nipple x2$90
Navel (Belly Button)$60

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Provide guidance on things like avoiding alcohol and aspirin, eating a meal beforehand, and arriving with clean skin.

Offer honest information about the sensation during piercing, emphasizing individual pain thresholds and the brief duration of discomfort.

Explain the general healing timeline for different types of piercings, along with factors that can affect healing, such as aftercare practices and individual health.

Detail the materials used, such as surgical-grade stainless steel, titanium, or gold, and discuss options like studs, rings, and barbells.


Provide step-by-step instructions for cleaning the piercing, avoiding irritants, and recognizing signs of infection. Emphasize the importance of following aftercare guidelines for optimal healing.

Explain when it's safe to change jewelry, the process for doing so, and any risks associated with premature changes. Offer advice on selecting appropriate jewelry sizes and styles.