Kids Services


Kids services encompass a range of child-centric beauty treatments tailored for younger clientele. This may include gentle haircuts, manicures, and pedicures, with fun options like temporary tattoos or body art. Additionally, services like princess or superhero makeovers offer playful experiences for children to express themselves. Pamper parties create a festive atmosphere for multiple treatments, often accompanied by snacks and activities. These services prioritize safety, comfort, and enjoyment, ensuring a positive experience for kids while addressing their unique needs.

Kid polish (cut and shape included)$15
Kid Spa Manicure$29
Kid Spa Pedicure$39
Kid gel polish only$27
Kid Spa gel Manicure$39
Kid Spa gel Pedicure$49

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Provide guidance on the recommended age for children's haircuts and any special considerations for younger clients.

Assure parents about the safety and suitability of products used, highlighting any hypoallergenic or gentle formulations.

Detail the options available for birthday celebrations, including themed parties, group packages, and any additional services or activities provided.

Offer an estimate of appointment duration to help parents plan their visit, considering factors like hair length and style complexity.


Clarify the salon's policy on parental presence during appointments, ensuring transparency and comfort for both children and parents.

Provide tips and strategies for easing children's anxiety before and during their salon visit, such as discussing the process beforehand or bringing comfort items.